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Wine Corks... don't throw them away!

Posted by India Bandorick on

Yes, I am one of those people - I save wine corks.  I have probably 50+ sitting in a large glass container in my dining room.  Why, do you ask?  I'm will eventually do something someday with them.  Pinterest is a great avenue to find great ideas.  Here are some of the ones that I found today.... and of course they have a nautical theme to them! :) 

An Anchor... seems easy enough to do.  You will need a hot glue gun for this one.  I would suggest laying out your corks before you start gluing them together or you might have something that will resemble an art project back in 1st grade. 

A little something for your front door... Your mailman might think you have a sea shell problem! lol :) 

You can make your own key floats!  This project is great for keys for the pool gate, your boat or something of that nature.   It looks like a key ring for only 1-2 keys so it's probably not practical for your everyday key ring.  Super cute too!

Finally... I found what I will be making!  Wine Cork Buoys!  How cute are these?!?!  Great for Christmas ornaments, wedding favors, seating cards or just a small doodad!  Of course they didn't come with directions, so I will be guessing the process. First cut/saw/widdle down the shape of the buoy.  Take heavy gauge wire and twist a small loop at one end and  insert it in the top of the buoy.  At the bottom of the buoy you will need to hollow out or drill room to stick a small cocktail straw, wooden dowel or popsicle stick into it.  Paint with colors..etc.   At the top you will see how they drilled through the top part of the buoy to insert string instead of using wire.  

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