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Beachcombing after the Storm of 2016

Posted by India Bandorick on

Today my daughter, Sophie and I went beachcoming after the storm hit Ocean City, MD.  We live on the bay and wind gusts were over 50mph so we can only imagine how the beach was beaten up.  This is the end result pictured below.  This is an entrance to the beach and every street looked the same.  Tattered and gone.  


We walked from 75th street to 94th Street.  Every street looked the same.  The beach was very small, cliffs where dunes once stood and beach fencing, seashells, crab shells, seaweed and odd pieces of black wood was found all over the sand. 

Sophie is 5'10" so you can see how tall this dune was at one time.  Thankfully, we found a 4' pass to jump on to the beach and climb back up to leave.   

We were on the hunt for seaglass, which turned out to be a hunt for seashells.  No seaglass was found on this trip.  This was a mound of small rocks and shells 8" deep and 2' wide.  Lots of treasure in here!

We came across this unique piece of driftwood.  But I noticed something.... that perfect hole.  Now, that's different.  Why would a piece of driftwood have a perfect hole in it?

I'm beginning to think that this particular piece of wood is not driftwood.  It maybe a piece from an old ship!

We found most of our conchs in the break line of the shore. 

Our collection from today's adventure.  Not bad... I would have collected more but only took one bag with me and it was breaking as we left.  Sophie has already claimed the large clam shells (which are bigger than my hand).  She is planning to put Lilly Pulitzer prints on them (her side business) and I plan to add a few to my storm collection that I store in a large glass container.  

Once they are all cleaned out (we use a bleach/water soak for 24 hours - a lesson I learned the hard way or should I say a smelly way - hahaha) I will share with you in another blog post on what we did with all of these treasures from the sea!


May you always have a shell in your pocket and sun upon your face,



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