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10 Interesting Nautical Entrances by Saltwater Style

Posted by India Bandorick on

There's nothing that says "Welcome" than an inviting entrance.  I'm a fan of an unique front door, a splash of color and add a fresh plant or flower to a mix and you sure have a winner!

After coming the internet for the finest of front doors, I found a few that I wanted to share with you!

Love the color of this mixed with the cedar.  I love the placement of the house number too!  

Wished the homeowner would have just stopped at the seahorses.  The roof statue is a bit much.  But that Door - it's stunning!  Love the small door to see who is behind the door!  Classic!

You can only find this in England!  Love that red and the lantern!

This is classic northern coastal.  The colors, driftwood starfish wreath (my fav) and the greenery. 

Somebody with money owns this door!  I can't even imagine how much it costs.  The detail is amazing.


This is my favorite.  Love how the steps matches that door.  And that door - the color is spot on. 

Never seen a door knob up high like that before.  I do love the color and the small accents beside the door.

Found on Martha's Vineyard this door is the definition of symmetrical. Love the whale plaque.

You know a Lilly P wearer lives here!  Who else would have a pink front door?

This is actually a tiny house but I loved how they used the chairs to accent the door.  I would live here but I think our family of four would kill each other because its only a few hundred square feet.


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