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Hanging Mile Marker

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Hanging style mile marker includes your own Personalized Mile Markers strung on a poly-rope with yellow net buoys used as spacers. Each Mile Marker is topped with a directional sign and anchored with a round fisherman's float.

Each Mile Marker is hand-made and protected with three layers of paint.

All the Mile Markers are double sided allowing for 360º viewing with up to 7 boards.

We calculate the mileage to all your favorite places. Calculations are done two ways; "as the crow flys" for further distances you would normally fly to and driving mileage, which are places you would normally drive to.

When figuring what to put down for your marker, think of a special place that you love.  For instance instead of Key West, put your favorite place like, Mallory Square.  If you love a special football team, you can put down the name of the arena or even the name of the Sports Team.  Get creative and just don't put "Texas", put somewhere you love in Texas!  It makes a great conversation starter!

At checkout you will choose your fonts (Pattern) below:  Comic Sans, Impact or Times

Choose Colors:  Aqua, Black, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Red, Lime, Orange, Pink and Purple (not pictured). 

Once Ordered - we will contact you to get your Mile Maker info (Name for each Mile Marker, Color for each and Zip Code for each) and base address.  Please have this information ready.

PLEASE - allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.  This item is hand-made in the USA and is customized to your exact specifications.  

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