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About Us

From birth, I was raised at the beach.  My first store was a seashell shop in the mid 70s that I hand-painted clam shells and glued seashells together to create little masterpieces.  I sold these little treasures in Fenwick Island, DE when I was 6 or 7 for only a quarter (enough money for me to ride my bike to the General Store for few pieces of candy).  Today, I still have sand in my shoes and a deep fond for mother ocean.  The smell of the salt spray to the sound of waves hitting the beach - there is nothing like it.  I wanted to find the most rarest nautical treasures and stylish boutique wares for what is known today as Saltwater Style. 

You can contact me at from 9am-5pm (eastern) and I will be happy to assist you in your purchasing needs.  

Every Wednesday we have a Special Shopping Event on Facebook at 1pm and 9pm.  Please add us to your favorites and like our page for rare steals and deals at  We also have a group page on Facebook for fun tidbits, recipes and special sale codes; be sure to join us at

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest at @SaltwaterStyle for and fun shopping experience!  Just comment SOLD and we will invoice you for your purchase.