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Rustic Mile Marker

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Our Rustic Style Mile Markers are made from cypress wood, then stained and varnished, giving each mile marker its own unique grainy textured look.

Each mile marker sign on these Rustic Styles are different. Some vary in cut style and width. Others with font choice and design.

The mile markers are assembled on the post using dowels. This allows for you to customize the look by being able to move the mile markers up or down. You can also angle them to give a more 2 dimensional look.

Comes with seven mile markers for you to personalize, a directional topper, post, and all accessories.

Included is an 18" stake for use if you want to stick the post in the grass or sand.

If you want to display your Mile Marker on a patio surface, discard the stake and instead use a large planter with rocks as a base.

We calculate the mileage to all your favorite places. Calculations are done two ways; "as the crow flys" for further distances you would normally fly to and driving mileage, which are places you would normally drive to.

When figuring what to put down for your marker, think of a special place that you love.  For instance instead of Key West, put your favorite place like, Mallory Square.  If you love a special football team, you can put down the name of the arena or even the name of the Sports Team.  Get creative and just don't put "Texas", put somewhere you love in Texas!  It makes a great conversation starter!

Once Ordered - we will contact you to get your Mile Maker info (Name for each Mile Marker, which direction of arrow, and Zip Code for each) and base address.

PLEASE - allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.  This item is hand-made in the USA and is very customized.

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